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back to the bag to the back to learn this from that to this is where the now is knowing where to go is where to be going is what you’ve done and why it’s gone and where it came from. The bees buzz to see life as free as chains are heavy and heavy chains weigh the sense of flight which would confirm the bright above the exhausts. Rows and rows and rows and roundabout ways of saying entrapment is near and the trains of despair that load and unload all the futurists and pacifists going day by day hoping to lead themselves somewhere. Thoughts written into words then spoken out in speech because practice what you preach and live life like a sentence jumbled onto top of a sentence as if that was the intended passage. Barriers built on tunnels attached to walls cemented together by hands that are stuck to floor by a force that holds everything together in a circus act tapered to the windows. Fluorescent lights overbearing the heights that stretch and stretch and burn holes into skulls and cultivate images in minds that make up worlds to escape them but it’s here and it’s there and it has a signpost just so it’s clear. Nimble and swift bless the out of shift because dancing nightshades empties into barrels of cash and workflows and weekend pillars seek demonstration and calling cards as another busy one chugs mediocrity along with every flash in the pan spirit.

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