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where are all the parts of me?

         IDENTITY. See it now or be searching forever for me. Born a clean title that got scraped across the ground/ planted in a mosaic/ the one in the corner/ where no one could see. PSYCHE. Fill my walls with personality/ as I am styled with no passion/ plain text encompass me. MOTIVATION. Brick by brick/ until I’m full of layers that never existed before. A pain in the back/ where spines strain from my weight/ that grows day by day. INDIVIDUALITY. If I’m a puzzle completed/ placed with every piece/ where is my originality? I form a hopelessly patterned narrative. Everyone makes me/ I play no part in my creation. PURPOSE. Outside is still a box/ go one way or the other/ and then go and go and go and then you will be back again. Spheres holds no edges yet still keep a shape/ an unclear border does not equal escape. In the end the old is now the new place. FASHION. Enlightened spaces and outlined objects/ they make a key but to which lock I don’t know. To life I hold these ideas with no answers/ and I hand them out freely in exchange for some chances.

                                                                                                                                                                                               So that I can establish my soul                                                                                                                                                                                                                      piece by piece.

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