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My debut University project as credited director/ screenwriter. Becoming quite a personal project, in which I oversaw the entire production process, this was the film I feel like I crafted. Influenced by the British (kitchen sink drama) wave of the 1960s, the short follows Saul, a young busker who has allowed his potential to become squandered by his negative lifestyle. This is until an invitation compels change within his mindset, something Saul, supposedly, does not wish for.

This project would not have been possible without my wonderful cast, and all of my fellow crew at Early Bird Productions. 


Made as part of my A2 Film Studies project. Whilst collecting footage taken from a trip to New York, I pieced together a story about two close friends discussing passages one had written in a book. I took this project as an opportunity to experiment with what I was capable of creating, testing out my cinematography and editing abilities, as well as having the opportunity to direct actors. 

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