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CAI Group (formerly Check an Invoice)



As a start-up business, CAI Group ran a number of events to help encourage prospective clients to come aboard their services. I was approached to help provide them with marketing campaigns to use as promotion and continued to provide them with materials over the years as the business grew.


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Valentines 2022

A statistical social media campaign was formed and created with the purpose of highlighting the benefit of CAI's ability to control the workflow of the services. Was heavily beneficial to the sales team in gaining new client interest.

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Google Mini Contest 

When CAI Group asked me to help with a content campaign to help increase their social media followers, I set about designing a series of short and concise GIFs and images to use. I also scheduled and wrote the campaign strategy for CAI Group. The campaign proved to be successful for the company as their follower base grew 75% within a month.

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Holiday Content Across the Years

I was tasked to create several short animated GIFs to celebrate various holidays across the years.

CAI Holidays

CAI Holidays

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Corporate Events/ Seminars

During the pandemic, CAI Group, working alongside different industry experts,  ran a large number of corporate seminars to highlight different topics of discussion, such as invoice fraud.

I was tasked with creating numerous campaigns for these seminars including videos, GIFs and posts. I also additionally produce not just for CAI Group but also for the industry experts' channels as well.

CAI Wrapped 2021

CAI Group tasked me with coming up with a campaign to highlight their 2021. I styled a campaign inspired by Spotify Wrapped, involving the statistical benefits CAI Group helped provide across the year. 

A series of posts (and videos) were produced to show these statistics.

This campaign is what helped CAI Group achieve their 2022 LinkedIn followers target, within the first month of 2022.

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