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My name is William Helps and this is the home of my work. I grew up in Surrey (UK), and have always had a passion for art.

When I was ten, I was given a plain piece of A4 paper and asked to draw how I saw myself. Instead of drawing myself as a footballer or a pop star, I drew everything I loved doing at that time. From reading books, to watching films, to performing in plays, to painting and sketching, by the end of that hour, I had filled up my A4 page with images. And when I was asked what this collage meant, I said ‘this is me, I am all of this’. I learnt that day that even I could not contain all my aspirations into one craft, I was a creator.

Over the years following, my interests have been ever switching. I chose to continue to evolve and study film and media production at the University of Lincoln. Graduating in 2017, with upper second-class honours in Media Production. But, even during my time at university, I struggled to pin myself down, so I decided I needed to be myself.

i AM HELPS is the home for my restless mind, striving to create unique and out of the box work. It is my new blank canvas that holds no boundaries. I want to bond with people and help illustrate and inspire artists to find the next step. My aspiration is to provide entertainment and imagination, as I always strive to do. This is a place where anyone can be themselves and let creativity off the chains.

This is all me, this is Helps, i AM HELPS.

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